SIEDS - Italian Society of Economics Demography and Statistics

SIEDS is a cultural and scientific institution aiming to the progress of the economic, demographic and statistical studies and to the establishment of active forms of co-operation among professionals of the mentioned subjects and similar issues in the field of social sciences and human behaviour.
The society pursues this aim by:
-organising seminars, congresses or scientific meetings for analysing and discussing problems concerning its activity;
-implementing scientific surveys, enquires and researches and promoting, training activities (courses, seminars, etc);
-publishing the Italian Review of Economics, Demography and Statistics, SIEDS News, a series of studies and monographies on specific items always concerning the scientific interest of the society as well as the proceedings of its congresses and seminars;
-undertaking every activity for supporting such studies or for scientifically collaborating with the policy makers in the economic, demographic and statistical field;
-participating with its official representatives to congress, meetings, commissions of other similar national and international Societies or public or private bodies.
-sustaining the aspirations of similar national and international societies and scientifically co-operating with them.

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