RIEDS – Vol. LXIII-1/2 January-June 2009

Download Volume 63 Number 1-2, 2009

Poverty and Social Exclusion


  • Giovanni Maria Giorgi,
    Introduction to the XLVI Scientific Meeting of the SIEDS
  • Luigi Di Comite,
    Migration and social marginalisation
  • Gianni Betti, Achille Lemmi, Vijay Verna,
    Multidimensional aspects of poverty and living conditions: the estimation at regional level
  • Claudio Ceccarelli, Giovanni Maria Giorgi,
    Analysis of Gini for evaluating attrition in Italian survey on income and living condition
  • Enrica Chiappero Martinetti,
    Poverty as lack of opportunity: a comparison between John Roemer and Amartya Sen
  • Conchita D’Ambrosio,
    A survey on deprivation and social exclusion: its theory and links with subjective well-being
  • Guido Ferrari, Mauro Maltagliati,
    Cross region and economic profile Italian households well-being comparisions
  • Enrico Giovannini, Adolfo Morrone, Giulia Ranuzzi,
    Measuring the progress of societies
  • Vicente Gozàlvez Pérez, José Ramón Valero Escandell,
    Poverty and social exclusion in Spain: regions and risk groups
  • Massimiliano Mascherini, Andrea Saltelli,
    Growing cohesive societies: exploring the link between social exclusion and active citizenship
  • Daria Mendola, Annalisa Busetta, Anna Maria Milito,
    Measuring longitudinal poverty
  • Fausta Ongaro, Silvana Salvini,
    Socio-economic conditions and health inequalities in Italy at the beginning of the XXI century
  • Monica Pratesi, Caterina Giusti, Nicola Salvati,
    Estimation of poverty indicators in Italy: a small area M-quantile based approach
  • Giambattista Salinari, Gustavo De Santis,
    The evolution and distribution of income in a life-cycle perspective