RIEDS – Vol. LXV-2 April-June 2011

Download Volume 65 Number 2, 2011

150 Years of Statistics for the Territorial Development: 1861-2011


Giovanni Maria Giorgi
Introduction to the XLVIII Scientific Meeting of the SIEDS

Luigi Di Comite
From emigration to immigration: the Italian experience

Jean-Guy Prévost
The Italian exception: statisticians and statistics in the interwar years

Andrea Mancini
Latest innovation of Italian population census

Elena Barcena-Martin, Jacques Silber
On the concepts of Bonferroni segregation index and curve

Conchita D’Ambrosio
Economic insecurity: some indices

Achille Lemmi, Gianni Betti, Giulio Tarditi, Vijay Verma
New poverty measures to meet local policy needs: the cumulation

Maria Grazia Pittau, Shlomo Yitzhaki, Roberto Zelli
A sensitivity analysis on gender gaps in the Italian labor market

Alessandra De Rose, Daniele Vignoli
Families «all’italiana»: 150 years of history

Carlo Filippucci, Mario Mazzocchi, Alessandro Viviani
Dynamics and heterogeneity in Italian households through expenditure

Elena Pirani, Silvana Schifini D’Andrea
Lifestyle and quality of life Italian people: an historical perspective

Paolo Dell’Olmo, Antonino Sgalambro
Data and models for a spatially equitable distribution of traffic flows in
high populated areas

Giovanni Palmerio
Italy’s economics development since 1945

Alessandro Rinaldi, Giacomo Giusti, Carlo Massaccesi
The evolution of social-economic Italian provinces: 1861-2011