RIEDS – Vol. LXVII-2 April-June 2013

Download Volume 67 Number 2, 2013

Economic and social transformations to the beginning of the third millennium: analysis and perspectives


  • Giovanni Maria Giorgi
    Introduction to the 50th Scientific Meeting of the SIEDS
  • Gian Carlo Blangiardo
    Italians of today and tomorrow: awareness of next scenarios and search of new equilibrium
  • Cinzia Castagnaro, Raimondo Cagiano de Azevedo
    Ageing and counter ageing in the Italian censuses
  • Romina Fraboni
    Heterogeneity of pathways to adulthood in Italy
  • Domenica Fioredistella Iezzi
    Italian women in the new millennium: emancipated or violated? An analysis of web mining on fatal domestic violence
  • Matteo Mazziotta, Adriano Pareto
    Methods for constructing composite indices: one for all or all for one?
  • Cristina Freguja
    Measuring poverty: a matter of choice
  • Luigi Fabbris, Irene Sguotti
    Measuring chronic poverty in Italy
  • Piero Cipollone, Andrea Cutillo
    Overeducation or asymmetric information?
  • Chiara Gigliarano
    Measuring labour market inter-temporal mobility in Italy: theory and evidence
  • Barbara Annicchiarico, Fabio Di Dio, Francesco Felici
    Pro-competitive reforms and timing of implementation: an igem-based simulation analysis for Italy?
  • Fabio Bacchini, Maria Elena Bontempi, Cristina Brandimarte, Roberto Golinelli, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio, Carmine Pappalardo
    The macroeconometric models for Italy (MeMo-It): policy evaluation and future challanges
  • Cecilia Frale, Serena Teobaldo, Marco Cacciotti, Alessandra Caretta
    A quarterly measure of potential output in the new European fiscal framework