RIEDS – Vol. LXVIII-2 April-June 2014

Download Volume 68 Number 2, 2014

The situation in the Mediterranean area in terms of population, development and environment


  • Giovanni Maria Giorgi
    Introduction to the 51th Scientific Meeting of the SIEDS
  • Antonio Golini, Elena Grimaccia, Tommaso Rondinella, Daria Squillante
    The Mediterranean: an unsustainable wall towards Europe
  • Marco Musella, Giancarlo Ragozini
    Human development challenges in the euro – Mediterranean area
  • Adalgiso Amendola, Roberto Dell’Anno
    Income inequality and economic growth: an empirical investigation in Mediterranean countries
  • Francesco Parola, Marcello Risitano, Ilaria Tutore, Marco Ferretti
    Analyzing maritime economy in the Mediterranean: a focus on the Campania region
  • Tullio D’Aponte
    A geopolitical overview on the Mediterranean Sea the approach of the Euro-Med policy towards the countries of the Southern front (from Morocco to Egypt)
  • Rocco Giordano
    Transport and logistics in the development process of the Mediterranean Countries
  • Eros Moretti, Eralba Cela
    A brief history of Mediterranean migrations
  • Adriano Giannolla
    Migrations Today
  • Stefania Girone, Sabin Dragulin, Sara Grubanov-Bošković
    Centrality of Italy in the Mediterranean migration system: aspects of foreigners’ presence