RIEDS – Vol. LXX-2 April-July 2016

Download Volume 70 Number 2, 2016


  • Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, Elena Ambrosetti
    Borders, refugees and migration: what right to mobility in the Mediterranean?
  • Antonio Calafati
    The metropolitan question in Italy
  • Teresa Ammendola
    The new metropolitan cities and the role of statistics in territory knowledge and government
  • Enzo D’Arcangelo
    The statistics to know the territory. A critical evaluation of the collaboration between the province of Rome and the Department of statistical sciences of La Sapienza
  • Ilaria Arigoni, Cristina Freguja, Simona Pace
    I sistemi informativi tematici per comunicare la statistica ai cittadini: #giovani
  • Vincenzo Marinello, Deborah Gervasi
    Migration flows and labour market in the Italian system: comparative analysis between the north and south Italy
  • Silvia Venturi, Sonia Paone, Elena Carpi
    Nuovi cittadini, nuovi linguaggi, nuove economie. Un caso di trasformazione urbana: il quartiere stazione di Pisa
  • Elisa Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Stefania Maria Lorenza Rimoldi
    Immigrants’ home – ownership decision in migration projects. Subjective determinants and external constraints
  • Nidia Batic
    The perception of foreigners in northeast Italy
  • Thaís García – Pereiro, Roberta Pace
    Changes on first union dynamics: highlights of a comparative study between Italy and Spain
  • Thaís García – Pereiro, Antonella Biscione
    Return migration in Albania: the profiles of returnees
  • Giovanna Da Molin, Arjeta Veshi
    Albania over the past twenty-five years: demographic survey and socio-economic relationships between Bari and Tirana
  • Gian Carlo Blangiardo, Simona Maria Mirabelli, Stefania Maria Lorenza Rimoldi
    Foreigners’ weight on election outcomes (in spite of no voting right)
  • Antonio Cortese, Maria Carmela Miccoli
    The role of emigration agencies and shipping companies in outbound flows
    of italian migrants until World War I