RIEDS – Vol. LXXV-4 October-December 2021

Download Volume 75 Number 4, 2021


Clio Ciaschini, Margherita Carlucci, Francesco M. Chelli, Luca Salvati, Giuseppe Ricciardo Lamonica
An attempt to quantify the technological change in Italy through a multisectoral framework: a comparative analysis

Nicola Maria D’angelo, Tommaso Paoletti
Gender equality in the Italian regions

Mattia Mezzelani, Gloria Polinesi, Francesca Mariani,
Maria Cristina Recchioni
Longevity-risk-adjusted global age as a measure of well-being

Mariateresa Ciommi, Chiara Gigliarano, Francesco M. Chelli
Incidence, intensity and inequality of poverty in Italy

Romana Gargano, Ferdinando Ofria
The influence of BES territorial indicators on economic performance of manufacturing firms

Giuseppe Gabrielli, Giancarlo Ragozini, Antonietta Bisceglia,
Anna Paterno
Risk habits among Italian university students: sensation seeking and sexual risk-taking behaviours

Mariateresa Ciommi, Francesca Mariani, Maria Cristina Recchioni,
Riccardo Zallocco
The role of social capital in economic performance across European regions

Maria Rita Ippoliti, Luigi Martone, Fabiana Sartor
Trade surveys: qualitative and quantitative indicators

Matteo Mazziotta, Adriano Pareto
Data normalization for aggregating time series: the constrained min-max method

Paolo Emilio Cardone
Public opinion towards a universal basic income in Europe

Raffaele Guetto, Elena Pirani, Patrizio Lodetti
The wellbeing of single parents in Italy before and after the Covid-19 pandemic

Livia Fioroni, Valeria Quondamstefano
A well-being measurement approach for ranking italian municipalities

Margaret Antonicelli, Filomena Maggino, Michele Rubino
Sustainability and non-financial disclosure: a poset’s approach

Marco Broccoli, Silvia Bruzzone
Use of open street map for accident investigation on the road and motorways networks

Laura Zannella
Il divario digitale prima della pandemia di Covid-19: famiglie tra possibilità ed esclusione digitale

Margherita Gerolimetto, Stefano Magrini
Synchronization among real business cycles of U.S. states