RIEDS – Vol. LXXVII-2 April-June 2023

Volume 77 Number 2, 2023


Gian Carlo Blangiardo
The geography of ageing, causes, effects and free reflections

Francesco M. Chelli, Mariateresa Ciommi, Francesca Mariani,
Gloria Polinesi, Maria Cristina Recchioni,
Giuseppe Ricciardo Lamonica
Vulnerability for old people: differences among European countries

Silvana Salvini
Aging thresholds in demography and in literature

Rocco Mazza, Roberta Pace, Anna Paterno
Themes and policies on population ageing: a bibliometric approach

Simona Cafieri, Francesca Feoli
Ageing and pollution in the “terra dei fuochi”

Giuliana Freni
Child marriage geographic dimension in nineteenth-century Italy

Eugenia De Rosa, Vincenzo Napoleone
Gender differences in couples’ civil union property regime

Anna Pia M. Mirto, Francesco Gaudio, Francesca Abate
Ageing and functionality in the public administration employment: a case study for the Italian municipalities

Giambattista Salinari, Gianni Carboni, Gustavo De Santis,
Federico Benassi
US fertility through the lens of graphical causal models

Luisa Salaris, Nicola Tedesco
Longevity: a family matter? Insights from an inland village of Sardinia (Italy), 1850–2010

Elena Pirani, Maria Veronica Dorgali, Valentina Tocchioni,
Alessandra Petrucci

Living environment and life satisfaction: some insights from Italy

Arianna Carra, Paola Maddalena Chiodini, Paolo Maranzano
Italy is ageing, who will take care of it?

Raffaella Rubino, Arjeta Veshi
Changing family models. the case of the Puglia region

Antonella Guarneri, Claudia Iaccarino, Maura Simone
Marriages of spouses with a migratory background: focus on “new Italians”?

Monica Carbonara, Agata Maria Madia Carucci, Giovanni Vannella
A Forecasting model for the Italian local public demand and expenditure of services for the senior age. The impact of demographic aging

Angela Chieppa, Silvia Dardanelli, Simona Mastroluca
Home alone, the one-person households at the Italian 2021 permanent census. Who are they? Where do they live?

Nunzia Balì, Gabriella Fazzi, Francesca Rossetti
Efficiency of surveyors’ training: in-person meetings versus distance learning

Eleonora Trappolini, Giammarco Alderotti
Migrants’ health in Italy: do the union status and the partner’s nationality matter?
(Best Young Researcher Paper 2023)