RIEDS – Vol. LXXVII-4 October-December 2023

Volume 77 Number 4, 2023


Leonardo Becchetti
Ecological transition:a game theoretic and statistical challenge

Barbara Boschetto, Elisa Marzilli
How women’s work horizon is changing: an analysis of occupations across generations

Ali Abbasi, Farzin Ghanooni, Livia Celardo
Tourist destination loyalty: a case study of Rome

Stefania Della Queva, Valeriana Leporanico, Manuela Nicosia,
Sabrina Stoppiello

The nonprofit Sector in Italian Inner Areas

Alessio Buonomo, Giuseppe Gabrielli, Rosa Gatti,
Salvatore Strozza
Occupational characteristics and trajectories of young immigrants’ descendants in Italy

Silvana Robone
Insights into alcohol consumption: does educational mismatch affect drinking behaviors in Russia?

Francesca Ceccato, Marilena Angela Ciarallo, Paola Conigliaro
Labour costs and their components in 2020: characteristics and dynamics in Italy and in euro area countries

Paolo Emilio Cardone
Remote working and new forms of work: evidence from INAPP-PLUS

Michele Camisasca, Ilaria Screpante
Human resources recruitment in Italian public sector post COVID 19: demographic characteristics, gender compositions, education for a new public employer branding. Focus on Istat experience

Simona Ballabio, Elena Sorba, Alberto Vitalini
Income distribution in Lombardy during the pandemic transition: a territorial study

Sara Gigante, Silvia Pacini
An analysis of labour cost policies through statistical registers

Sheila Chapman, Vito Pipitone
The productivity of Italian firms: a spatial analysis

Marina Albanese, Francesco Busato, Gianluigi Cisco, Saverio Di Giorno
Behavioral factors, SDG awareness and sustainable policies in academia

Giuseppe Lecardane
Quality assessment of statistical information services. an exploratory analysis with Rasch model

Michele Camisasca, Eva Pietrantonio, Rosario Magro,
Alessandro Arborea, Anna Fabiani, Claudio Giordano, Marcella Pietrantonio, Giacomo Guerriero, Adeodato Sparano
Psychosocial risks: work-related stress risk assessment in Istat as a goal for the workers’ well-being

Daniela Fusco, Maria A. Liguori, Margherita M. Pagliuca
Gender gap of Italian region: a synthetic index propoposal

Rashad Mammadli
Unpacking determinants of water conservation behaviour and spatial heterogeneity in their coefficients

Gianni Carboni
The effect of great recession on european lifespan inequality
(Best Young Researcher Paper 2023)

Annamaria Fiore
Youth and female unemployment: a critical issue for inner areas in Puglia (Italy). needs and opportunities in the silver economy age

Luca Muzzioli, Viola Taormina
Can the measure of development be improved?

Agata Maria Madia Carucci, Roberto Antonello Palumbo,
Giovanni Vannella

The structural and economic profiles of enterprises with greater longevity

Elena Catanese, Francesca Inglese, Annalisa Lucarelli,
Giuseppina Ruocco
Analysing the labour market through a web data source: the skill dynamic based on online job advertisements

Arianna Carciotto
Experimental Statistics: a New Common Language for Uncommon Data