RIEDS – Vol. LXXVI-1 January-March 2022

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In memory of Prof. Giovanni Maria Giorgi (1947-2021)
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Andrea Ciccarelli, Rinaldo Evangelista, Elena Fabrizi, Silvia Longhi
Job instability in the Italian labour market: is there an ethnic bias?

Federico Benassi, Massimiliano Crisci, Stefania M.L. Rimoldi
Location quotient as a local index of residential segregation. Theoretical and applied aspects

Claudio Caterino, Luigi M. Solivetti
Spatial distribution of serious traffic accidents and its persistence over time

Gabriella Schoier, Giovanna Pegan, Stefano Fadini
An analysis on consumer perception via “stereotype content” model between sustainable brand and country of origin

Maria Filomeno, Irene Rocchetti
Effective duration of the civil proceedings in Italy – Statistical analysis

Umberto Di Maggio, Giuseppe Notarstefano, Giuseppe Terzo
In the name of weak legality? Dangerous relations between citizenship income, non-observed economy and tax cheaching

Francesca Ceccato, Marilena Angela Ciarallo, Paola Conigliaro
Exploring earnings differences hidden behind the Gender Pay Gap

Leonardo S. Alaimo, Alessio Guandalini, Antonella Iorio,
Cristiano Marini, Alessandra Masi
The accuracy of longitudinal labour force survey estimates

Claudio Ceccarelli, Gabriella Fazzi, Samanta Pietropaoli
Evaluation of Changing in Respondents’ Participation in the Surveys of Information and Communication Technologies Usage in Enterprises (ICT) and Research and Development for Business Enterprises (R&D)

Marina Albanese, Francesco Busato, Gianluigi Cisco
The role of higher education institutions in sustainable development: a DSGE analysis

Stefano Cervellera, Carlo Cusatelli
Period life tables in suburban areas: the case of the Italian municipality of Taranto

Giovanna Di Castro, Valentina Ferri
Why do boys perform worse than girls in reading literacy? Evidences from PISA survey 2018

Andrea Vaccaro
An Empirical Evaluation of Common Cross-National Measures of State Capacity

Alessandra De Rose, Eleonora Meli
Still believe it? An analysis of partnership trajectories after first union dissolution in Italy

Giorgia Marini
Dynamics and stability in an OLG model with non-separable preferences